Sunday, 16 March 2014

Three New Quilts

It has been too long since I visited the blogosphere and it is about time I got my creative side into gear once again after far too long a rest.  Since my last post I have retired from my ministry in Rochdale and relocated back in Clitheroe to be near to my Mother.  Of course retirement has meant that I have had more time for sewing and I also have the room for it now so there has been no excuse for idleness.  I have completed 3 quilts since my return.  The first was the quilt started at Gartmore House last August and then a cot quilt for my first great neice or nephew (due shortly) and then a quilt for nephew and wife for use as a throw.


This is the Gartmore quilt. Not brilliant photos but they give the idea

Photo: Check out bumpy's beautiful handmade quilt by aunty Gillian Peel xxxx 

Here is the cot quilt - primary colours as nursery is predominantly white and we don't know the sex of the new arrival who is due very soon (March 2014)


 Here is the quilt for Jennie and Nathan.  I just love the vintage colours Jennie chose and it was a nice quilt to piece and sew.  I also quilted this on my new Janome sewing machine which was great because of the super 11 1/2 inch throat!!

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  1. Lovely to see you back in Blogland Gillian and to see your lovely quilts. I particularly like the baby cot one, the colours are really nice.