Monday, 13 August 2012

Quilts I've made

Well it is time I made another retrospective post about my passion for quilting.  Bags are great for small time projects but I generally need something larger to work on.  It was therefore no surprise that after my first quilting workshop that I should set out to make a larger quilt.  I knew nothing about the craft and it was very much a learning process as I went along.  It took nearly two years to complete that first quilt - but there were many smaller projects in between.

The first quilt then was the one I made for Mum.

 This is Mum's quilt in her flat - I chose the colours from her carpet to make it in.  Also to learn I chose to do a sampler quilt and I learned a lot from doing this.

This detail shows a couple of the blocks in the quilt and also the machine quilting which I did myself.  I really had to commit to learning how to do it but it was well worth it.  Also while I made this quilt I upgraded my machine!!

The second quilt I made for Liz, my daughter.  She wanted it in black and white and I wanted to do a quilt which incorporated a Ricky Timms convergence.  We chose the fabric together and the construction of the border was very much a team effort.  I love the finished thing - it is very striking to look at and Liz loves it too!!

 Mind you I could have cursed when she said she would like a design on the back!!!!

So this is the reverse side - not so bad for my second large quilt and only about eighteen months this time from start to finish!

Then I had to make a quilt for me - I loved doing this one - probably because it is mine!!!

 And of course I had to make mine reversable too!!

This was much quicker but still over a year.

Now I am working on another quilt for Liz - this time for her to use when she is camping.  It is a real fun quilt and features some crazy VW's in the design.  I used a lot of ideas from Kathleen Guerrier's books for this one.

At the moment it is in the quilt sandwich stage waiting for me to committ myself to a couple of days at the machine - maybe this holiday. . . .

Finally I have the fabric and design for a pair of quilts for my Ex-husband to use in his French house.  I have washed the fabric and cut out some of the pieces.  This is a suggestion of the idea.  It is called a French Braid Quilt - apt I thought seeing as it will be going to France - one day!!

Oh well that's all for now.  Another day I will post about my smaller projects!!